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Our goal is to provide the best care possible and to help you achieve your health goals. Here are testimonials from our latest clients.

I walked in there a month ago barely able to stand upright, Dr. Avani Shah spent nearly 3 hrs. on my first visit trying to know all the details. I am very much impressed by the care that they provide by truly knowing what your body needs and help you in the long run. They not only adjust you but also give you various exercises to help you strengthen the problem areas. Your search for all chiro services end here. Truly recommend to all my friends & family.
Pooja S.
Hanover Park IL
Great service. Came in with a lot of pain after a bad car accident. They took care of me and made me feel better than before. Dr. Shah, Dr. Patel and Maria are amazing! Thank you guys so much!
Efren S.
Hanover Park, IL
Went for a wrist pain that did not want to go away. After two visits my pain still existed, but Dr. Shah would not give up. During my third visit we worked on some exercises which helped some but not that much. All of a sudden something must have clicked. Dr. Shah took my arm pressed two pressure points which made me jump in pain, and she had it. She worked on cupping and boom wrist pain eleviated and movement of my wrist greatly improved. I want to thank Dr. Shah for not giving up and helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel for this pain.
Great Practice recommend to all.
Rafael S.
Streamwood, IL
Dr. Avani Shah helps out reducing pain with various techniques and also make sure that you learn proper way of movement along with posture. I had been going to another Dr, who treated me for the problems, but had to keep visiting him. With Dr. Shah I feel like the resolution for my problems will be for longer time.l
Parth P.
Wayne, IL
I’ve been to other chiropractors and physical therapists to treat a CrossFit/lifting injury, but ChiroCenter has by far the the place where I have felt my best. They take a holistic approach to treatment which has been what other treatment/rehabilitation centers have lacked. They incorporate multiple treatment modalities, like cupping, ultrasound therapy and adjustments, to get you pain free, but also focus on the physical therapy to get you better positioned to be pain free long-term.

The doctors are awesome and they generally just want you to feel better, which I haven’t been able to say of other doctors. I highly recommend ChiroCenter!
Nicole S.
Franklin Park, IL