It’s very difficult to get all of our nutritional needs from food alone. This is why supplementation is so popular. Whether you have a serious health issue or if you just need a little help meeting your dietary requirements, supplements can be extremely helpful. The great thing about nutritional supplements is that they usually carry a very low risk of side effects, if any, when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

But choosing the best high quality supplements can be challenging! With thousands of brands on the market these days, how do you choose?

When a supplement is high quality, the utmost care has been taken in all phases of its production, from the growing of its ingredients, to manufacturing, and testing for effectiveness. There are too many companies offering cheap supplements of questionable quality. One of the main differences between nutritional supplement brands is whether the vitamins are synthetic or natural. Synthetic vitamins are usually cheaper, but whenever possible, you should go with natural. It is easier for the body to absorb and utilize natural ingredients. Another difference has to do with the additional ingredients used to make the product- so watch out for artificial coloring and flavoring, as well as added sugar. Only buy from honest companies that have no problem listing all of their ingredients. Also, it’s better to go with a smaller dosage that you can take more frequently over the course of the day as opposed to mega-dosing. This increases absorption and provides your body with a steady supply of the supplement.

ChiroCenter only selects nutritional supplements from companies that have a long track record of providing high quality products that produce great results. We have done our research! We only recommend brands that we trust. Ortho Molecular and Metagenics are two premier supplement providers that we stand behind 100% because we know that they work, and we know they are safe.

Ortho Molecular prides their company on efficiency. As a patient, you want a supplement that is going to work! Also, each and every product is formulated according to proven science and with the use of superior raw ingredients. Ortho Molecular products are high quality and they truly help our patients get better faster.

Metagenics is another brand we trust. They are also a leader when it comes to quality and efficacy. They use only the purest ingredients and have tested each thoroughly for quality, safety, and efficacy. They follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), a very expensive government standard, which is placed on pharmaceutical companies to ensure purity and quality. We also love that they have so many delivery forms to choose from, including tablet, capsule, soft-gel, chewable, liquid, soft chew, bar, or powder.

As licensed healthcare professionals, we carry both of these brands and are more than happy to provide you with more information about which supplements are right for you during your consultation with us.

We strongly believe in educating our clients on a variety of health and wellness topics, including supplementation. There are supplements designed to improve just about every health concern out there, from gastrointestinal health, musculoskeletal health, sleep problems, and immune system disorders. However, proper diet, exercise, stress management and spiritual health must also be addressed before true healing can occur.

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